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Mental Illness Awareness & Support Association (MIASA), or Persatuan Kesedaran Dan Sokongan Penyakit Mental – is a mental health NGO based in Selangor. It was founded in September 2017 and registered under ROS with the registration number PPM-027-10-14092017.




The objective of MIASA is to promote awareness on the importance of mental health and mental health issues and provide support for patients and carers through our various programs and support initiatives. Being patient-initiated, MIASA has a strong foundation and also purpose. It provides a holistic solution, not only from the medical perspective but also that of spiritual.

Recent statistics from the World Health Organization (WHO) revealed the following numbers:

  • Every year one million people die of suicide, which is 1 death every 40 seconds and it is predicted that by year 2020, the suicide rate will increase to 1 death every 20 seconds.
  • Suicide is the 3 leading causes of death, after heart disease and cancer
  • Depression and substance abuse contributes to more than 90% of all suicide cases
  • In 2011, 1 in 10 people is said to have mental illness, but in 2016, it has increased to 1 in 5
  • In Malaysia, the number of psychiatrists to patients is 1:200,000.






“To be the leading voice in mental health education

in support of mental illness patients.”






 1. To promote awareness on the importance of a good mental health.

2. To raise awareness on mental health issues.

 3. To provide support for mental illness patients and carers.

4. To promote mental illness literacy.

5. To support other bodies in all areas to promote mental health.





Management & Organization Structure




Puan Anita Abu Bakar
Founder and Managing Director, Qaiser Darussalam Publications


Dr. Tuti Iryani bt. Mohd Daud
Vice President 1


Ustaz Mohammed Noor bin Mohammed Deros
Vice President 2


Wan Zakirah bt. Wan Zakaria


Dr. Ermi Nieza binti Mohd Sahid
Assistant Secretary


Sazrin binti Mohd Razak





Raz Adibah bt. Roslan
Assistant Treasurer


Nor Hafizah Mohd. Arop


Marsita Tamby Chik


Wan Ahmad Nazim bin Mohamed Noor


Siti Adabiyah bt. Mohd Shahrer







MIASA offers various programs for patients and carers including:


  • Support Group
  • Therapeutic Assessment
  • Circle Time & Support Programmes
  • Islamic spiritual therapy


Please visit our blog for the latest information and coverage on our programmes. Thank you.