The Birth of MIASA


‘EVERYONE MATTERS’ – The birth and journey with MIASA has been extraordinary. My own experiences in struggling with a mental health condition inspired and pushed me to champion this much needed cause, Alhamdulillah. The realisation of how widespread mental health conditions are, the gap that has widened over the years, and the stigma and discrimination that accompany injustice and human rights violations have led me to make the voices of my peers heard.Mental Health issues have been taken lightly and never received the attention it needs and deserves. It’s challenging to articulate and with much shame and fear attached to it, it may be difficult to accurately describe the debilitating effects or chronicity of the condition – especially if it’s not treated and supported and we too possibly in many instances internalise the stigma too. 



MIASA is for every person with a mental health condition (peer), who wakes up every morning,who continues to defy the condition, who continues to struggle and fight, who has the willpower to overcome their challenges, and who has the will to continue and thrive while having an unwavering good opinion of Allah; for all the caregivers who continue to support us, even when they do not fully understand us; for all the mental health professionals who continue to help us; and for all the people out there who continue to seek knowledge, and for those who consistently push for change so that we can live better lives and have our rights and opportunities like everyone else – we thank you..


May we strive to reduce stigma, end discrimination and inequities so that those with live with mental health conditions are finally accepted in society like any other human being, for they too deserve the same opportunities that we willingly give and provide to others with other conditions. 


For a better Malaysia, together. Insha Allah. Keep healing the world everyone!

Much love and solidarity,


Anita Abu Bakar

President of MIASA.