Counselling Services

“Let’s talk with counsellors to gain support in coping with the struggles on your journey to recovery.”


Counselling is one of the many types of talking therapy. It aims to give you a safe and confidential space to talk about your thoughts and feelings with someone who will lend you a listening ear. Counselling is one of the most popular talk therapies as it is not only for people with mental health conditions, but also for the general public.


Counselling (or any types of talking therapy) is a very powerful recovery tool that many patients of mental illness can gain benefits from. It allows you to talk with a professional who can help you to work on specific issues that you are facing with in your recovery journey. Counselling is good for those who are having issues with anxiety, depression, and others. Consider your counsellor as one of the team members in your “recovery support team”.


Our counselling services are open for peers (a person with a mental health disorder) and caregivers (family and friends of peers).


Peers don’t need to go through recovery alone. The struggles of fighting with your symptoms, getting back on your feet after a relapse, and finding support are real. So why not add counselling to your recovery toolbox? Counselling can be one of the tools that can help you to step bravely in your journey to recovery.


For caregivers, we understand that looking after your loved ones who are struggling with mental illness is not easy. Caregivers also need to be supported. Hence, by going through a talking therapy like counselling, it is also a form of self-care so you can gain better insights on your situation as a carer and find the strength to continue caring for your loved ones.


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