Ramadhan, A Perfect Opportunity to Donate to Charity

Assalamualaikum dearest readers,

The month of Ramadhan is full of blessings. In the spirit of sharing our blessings with others, whether in the form of good deeds, zakat, or charity, we call upon our readers to consider donating to our cause in ensuring mental illness patients have a holistic solution to support their recovery. We define holistic based on a bio-psycho-social-spiritual care model, and we help support patients by:

  • Raising awareness across traditional / social media and events,
  • Advocating for patients’ rights to the mental healthcare professionals, educators, and policymakers,
  • Providing relief support through our network of professionals and peers patients, and
  • Provide livelihood support for our patients to re-integrate into society by training them with the skills to support themselves.
Your donations would directly feed into the everyday administrative and marketing operations (printing brochures, business cards, posters, buntings, etc.), to hosting and participating in mental-health related conferences and events as a consumer group, to merchandising MIASA-related products for long-term financial viability of the organisation, and to help patients for their medical expenses and cost of transportation for them to go for therapy.
As mental health is an often side-stepped conversation in the national health agenda, we need your help to continue fighting for a better Malaysia for our fellow patients.


May Allah ease our journey, Ameen, and may Allah bless you for your contributions to our cause.

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