MIASA Reaching Out to Actor, Iqram Dinzly


Actor Iqram Dinzly needs professional help immediately, says MIASA President Puan Anita Abu Bakar in her statement to mStar journalist Kemalia Othman today. She says that family, friends and the public must offer support to the actor who is signaling a ‘cry for help’ through the bizarre actions which he published on his social media account.


“We are trying to reach him since this morning after the public alerted us about his viral video. My opinion is that he is in dire need of help now. Those around him needs to act swiftly before worse things happen.” she said.


Puan Anita added that the public must stop shaming the actor because it will only add on to his burdens.


“The public needs to offer support and stop shaming him because it will only worsen the situation. Recently, we were shocked by the suicide of a popular Kpop singer who also experienced a similar struggle and unfortunately did not receive help, hence decided to end his own life.”


Source: mStar.com.my



Original article on mStar.com.my in Bahasa Melayu.

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