Quality Rights Workshop


Alhamdulillah it was a really good session yesterday. We discussed about Quality Rights, which is a global initiative by WHO (World Health Organization) in improving quality care provided by mental health services and promoting human rights of people with psychosocial, intellectual and cognitive disabilities.


Till today, patients continue to be subjected to discrimination, stigma and inequalities when it comes to the workplace, school, employment opportunities and more. Hence during this workshop, we discussed about the barriers and challenges on this, identifying the root cause of certain practices that are currently in place and what the best practices are and how we can move forward together to improve and make the change so that patients’ and carers’ needs are met and that the plan is recovery-oriented In shaa Allah. Please make dhua everyone.


This is for every patient out there who gets up every morning to fight this illness, that faces this dunya having a good opinion of Allah despite how some In the society treats them and perceives them. You guys are the true heroes and warriors always.


Thank you to all the doctors that came to support this and for those that wanted to come but couldn’t, to all the carers, for the patients that came with suggestions, comments and especially for sharing your experiences for the betterment of the quality care of mental health services in Malaysia and for everyone that has been supporting us all this while.


Our big vision and goal is to strive in humanizing mental health care services and we need everyone’s help in making this a reality for all. Thank you so much and may Allah reward each and everyone of you.



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