Catch our Journey to Recovery programme on IKIM.FM

Catch us every Sunday at 6pm on IKIM fm in the Journey to Recovery programme In shaa Allah.


Alhamdulillah, thank you Puan Mazlina Ismail and team for all the hard work, thank you Dr Nik for giving us the opportunity and believing in us, thank you Puan Maslina Ismail for the support, thank you to all the DJs at IKIM for being passionate about this cause too and thank you to Dr Hazli Zakaria and Ustaz Mohd Noor for agreeing to be part of this effort which has made this programme possible.


May Allah reward you fully and may this programme be of utmost benefit to all In shaa Allah. Never knew how much work and effort it takes to make such a programme.


Hats off to IKIM fm for always striving to create beneficial programmes for the ummah.


May Allah guide our every step, grant us utmost sincerity in all that we do and bless this effort In shaa Allah.


every Sunday at 6pm


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